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The versatile LIGNO Combi Carriage and the Dividing Attachment creates unlimited possibilities

The same templates as for copy turning can be used. Also a straight edge can be used to guide the router on cylindrical or conical work.
The standard dividing head has a plate with 24 positions but the dividing plate can be replaced by a homemade one of any desired divisions. Dividing heads with 60 and 72 divisions are also available.

The dividing head can be turned and locked in any position.
The dividing head is fixed to the headstock by a hexagonal bar.
Once the correct starting position has been set the dividing head will be locked to the spindle.
The adjustable holder sets the depth of the flute.

The Combi Carriage carries the holder for routers or drilling machines (43 mm boss)
The height of the shaft can be adjusted and fixed with a stop collar.
Normally the centre of the router is on the  centre of the machine. You may create special effects by setting it off centre.
The adjustable holder for copy routing incl. bearing and sensing roller is mounted on the shaft of the router holder.

When routing thin products it is advisable to use a steady in order to avoid vibration.