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Product List
Spindle and Tailstock acc.
4-prong drives
Revolving centres

4-prong drive with removable centre point.

The removable centre point 823 is ground and hardened and is equipped with an adjustable spring.  This help to centre the work easily. The centre point 823 can be removed and replaced by a stepped long hole boring location pin 868.
Part no. Description
815 Morse Taper Extent Sleeve MT3-MT3
816 Morse Taper Extent Sleeve MT2-MT3
818 Morse Taper Alignment Tool MT3-MT3
821 4-prong drive Ø 25mm MT3
822 4-prong drive Ø 16mm MK3
825 4-prong drive Ø 25mm MK2
826 4-prong drive Ø 16mm MK2
823 location pin Ø 8mm (spare)
868 location pin Ø 10mm

When using a Sphere Turning, Ring Turning or a Copy Turning device it is an advantage to use a Morse taper Extension Sleeve in order to keep the work away from the headstock.
In Wood Tuning Schools it is popular to use a Ring centre (cone friction drive) in order to teach the correct way to turn by sheer cutting. Use parts (845, 847).

Revolving Centre Multihead

The LIGNO Heavy Duty Rotating Centre consists of a “rotating cup” centre that is carried by a very strong double rowed angular bearing (see below) which is greased for life.  This will give good play free performance when turning.
It has been designed to be used with a range of tool bits that can be quickly and easily changed using a knock out bar.
The Morse Taper guaranties true-running.
All the bits have an MT 3 shaft that fits both in the extension 815 or 816 as well as in the Revolving Centres 8200 or 8205.

For machines with MT-2 in Spindle and tailstock you use Morse Taper Extension Sleeve MT2-MT3 816 and Revolving Centres 8205.

The use of Morse Taper Extension Sleeve 815 or 816 and the large cone 849 will give more room for hand turning, or copy and sphere turning

Optimum chucking of a sphere when using a sphere turner.

The picture shows the Morse Taper Extension Sleeve 815 or 816 with the 4 prong drive 821 and the large cone 849 mounted in Revolving Centre 8200.

Experienced turners may now turn off the tennons with a hand tool until only a few mm´s of material are left. The rest can be ground off.
But especially with bigger diameters it is an advantage turn the work through 90° and re chuck, then saw of most of the tennon.
Smaller spheres can be rechucked directly between the cup centres 850.
For Bigger spheres a piece of wood is mounted on to the cup chucks 850. Turn a concave area in to a piece of wood (the radius  to be the same as the sphere to turn).  Make one for the headstock and one for the tailstock and rechuck the work piece.
Reposition the centre of the sphere turner to the new centre of the sphere and finish the work piece.

Long hole boring.

The Sketch shows how a lamp foot can be drilled (long hole boring). The four prong driver 821 with the insert 868 (peg nose) works as a counter bore/drive centre and 853 is a rotating pin centre with long pins that allow the wood shavings to drop away before they can reach the revolving centre 8200.
Generally, long holes are bored half way, the work reversed, and the boring completed from the other end.

Precise concentric chucking of a work piece.

Mount a work piece (bowl) to the faceplate 800
Turn the outside of the work piece including the recess or tennon for rechucking.
Using the Thread Centre 852 attach a Chuck to the Rotating Centre 8200.
Move the tailstock (together with the adapter 852, the rotating Centre 8200, and the chuck assembly attached) up to the work piece force it into position.
Remove the faceplate, work piece and chuck from the spindle...
Remove the faceplate from the work piece.
You can now screw the chuck onto the spindle of the headstock and your work piece will be very precisely
concentrically mounted ready for further turning.

The Cup Centre 850 and Mini Face Plate 851 can be used to make and hold homemade wooden supports for bowls and goblets etc.

The outer diameter of the cup centre is Ø 40mm. The thread is 8mm. In order to attach wooden pieces.

A piece of wood is attached to the cup chuck by means of a screw. Supporting a big sphere.

The cup centre is fitted in a drilled hole (Ø 40mm) in to the wood. Supporting a big sphere.

A piece of wood is attached to the cup chuck by means of a screw. Supporting a very big sphere.
The Mini Face Plate has a recess of Ø 30 mm as a mean to centre wooden pieces with 809.
The Mini Face Plate is holding a work piece that will become a ring.
8200+849 8200+845+847 849+847-70
8210+847-70+846 847-70+846
All centre pins are provided with flats in order to keep them in correct position.
8200+849+846 8205+849+847-30 853
815 MT3-MT3 (810-MT2-MT3) 818 MT3-MT3 852
Part no. Description
8200 Heavy Duty Rotating Centre for changeable bits
MT 3 shaft.
8205 Heavy Duty Rotating Centre for changeable bits
MT 2 shaft
8300 Light Duty Rotating Centre for changeable centre Pins
MT 3 shaft.
8305 Light Duty Rotating Centre for changeable centre Pins
MT 2 shaft.
845 Ring Centre Tip Ø 20 mm
846 Centre Pin Ø 10 mm 60º hardened
847-30 Centre Pin Ø 10 mm ring point hardened 30 mm.
847-45 Centre Pin Ø 10 mm ring point hardened 45 mm.
847-70 Centre Pin Ø 10 mm ring point hardened 70 mm.
48 Small 60º Cone
849 Large 60º Cone
850 Cup Centre Ø 40 mm
851 Mini Face Plate Ø 80 mm
852 Thread Centre M33x3.5
853 Centre Tip for long hole boring (lamp foots)

Double row angular contact ball bearing

These are designed for applications where the ability to carry high axial loads is required. They can also carry a substantial amount of radial load.