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The LIGNO Swivel Copier


The COPIER that gives a clean surface.

Conventional copiers have a fixed positioned cutter that only moves in X and Y axis.
This method does not leave a clean surface.

The LIGNO SWIVEL COPIER has a cutter that also can be swivelled while cutting. This makes it possible to sheer cut like a hand tool. You cut from top to bottom with the grain.

The swivel copier 6400 is used together with the LIGNO COMBI CARRIAGE. The cutter 675 and its sensor 677 are inline with each other and can be swivelled around their axis.
The sensing roller 677 has two diameters. You start with the bigger diameter for rough turning and finish the last mm with the thin side of the roller for final turning.

A template is made on a fret saw. The template holder 653 is fitted on holder 650 and shaft 651 which are positioned at the rear of the bed rail.

The ball bearing supported sensor pin runs against the template whose centre line equals the centreline of the machine. This has the advantage that it brings the cutter to the work piece without and overhang, thus avoiding vibration.

The same template can be used for copying fluting or spiral routing.

The best cutting angle is between 5 and 25 °. On top of the cutter there is an adjustable cut-limiter. This avoids unintentional deep cuts into the wood.