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Technical description Lathe


Ligno 250 CE
The LIGNO-woodturning lathe is a heavy precision machine. In combination with specially designed accessories it is a versatile add-on combination machine. Its weight and ergonomic design guaranties precise -safe and easy operation. All parts are symmetrically designed which enables to build the machine for left handers.

The LIGNO-woodturning lathe is available in two versions.
LIGNO 250 CE: The bed is made of quality cast iron.
LIGNO 250 SE: The bed is made of thick rectangular box section tubes, fitted to the stands made from rectangular steel tubes.

Ligno 250 SE
On both versions the headstock, tailstock, and tool rest assembly are made from quality cast iron.
Both bed versions are fitted with precise adjustable and changeable heavy gauge rails.

The well-proven design and the close co-operation between the producer and users put the LIGNO-woodturning lathe and its accessories to the top range.

No spanners are required for machine operation. Where necessary adjustable position handles are used to give the most favourable clamping position. These are of ample construction and comfortable to the hand.

Ligno CE dismantled
The machine can be transported in kit form; it is quick and easy to assemble in any suitable area.

The machine bed is made in one piece and is reinforced by six cross beams on top of which adjustable precision guides rails are fitted. The underside of the bed is machined and provided with holes for attaching accessories like drill stands or steadies.

One bed end is machined and provided with holes for attaching bed extensions (740 resp. 1450 mm).

The bed is connected to the legs.