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Spiral routing

The versatile LIGNO Combi Carriage and Dividing Attachment
create unlimited possibilities

The LIGNO-Spiral routing system can reproduce any pitch required.
Pitch rollers of different diameters are available (see price list)
The appropriate pitch hardwood roller can also be made by yourself.
The picture shows the starting position.

The dividing head can be turned and locked in any desired position.

During copy routing the headstock spindle and the Combi Carriage are connected by a very flexible steel wire mounted on ball bearing supported rollers.
The standard dividing attachment has a plate with 24 positions but it can be replaced by a homemade one of any desired divisions. Dividing heads with 60 and 72 divisions are also available.


The same templates can be used as for copy turning.
The winding wire can be reversed for left or right hand routing.

Left and right hand routings can also be made on the same piece.
By the use of different router bits unlimited variations can be achieved.

Left and right hand routing.

Very long pitch.

Routing through centre.