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The Top Range Wood Turning System

Maximum Operating Comfort and Productivity
Heavy weight Design ensures Quality
Safety and Precision
Ergonomic Design

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The heavy, ergonomic design in combination with the
electronic speed regulation makes this machine very user friendly and safe.

The headstock can easily be moved and turned to any desired position.
The tool rest adjustment has a one hand eccentric "quick lock" facility and is moved extremely easily thanks to its non friction slides.
The tool rest holder can swing through 360° and be placed in any convenient position in one quick easy movement. This allows for an ergonomically-correct working position.

All supporting machine parts are made of vibration free quality cast iron.

The bases of the Headstock and tailstock are very broad and, therefore, very stable.

These heavy, parts and the wide spacing of the tapered bearings, gives very quite running.

The rigid and practical construction of the machine allows simple fitting of the accessories.

A unique heavy duty "Combi-Carriage" (patented) is available for easy and precise operation. It is used as a running tool rest support, or it will carry the copy, fluting, dividing, ball turning, and barley twisting attachments etc.
These factors coupled with a large range of add on accessories gives an unbeatable, versatile system that can be tailored to your requirements.

A system with almost unlimited possibilities.