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Technical description Lathe

The left leg houses the inverter. This is of the latest technology and highest quality. It is extremely reliable with built in protections.
It is of AC electronic variable speed with ramp up/ramp down speed, forward/reverse direction, and dynamic braking.
The inverter is pre-programmed ready for use
(An inverter operates three-phase machinery from single-phase supply system.)

The remote control can be put wherever desired and attached anywhere with a strong magnet. It contains a speed control and a forward –reverse–stop function.
The electronic control senses the varying braking force of the turning tool being used. It automatically and instantaneously compensates to maintain the pre-selected speed, making the motor extremely quite and strong.

The No-Volt Release automatically trips out the internal power connection in the event of an interruption of the power supply. The lathe can only be re started manually.

The headstock can be swivelled trough 360 ? and can be located at any position on the bed. As this enables it to be located at the tail end of the bed, it gives very good access for bowl turning with the integral tool rest.
Large tapered roller bearings, in combination with the large distance between the bearings, provides very quiet and vibration free running.
The LIGNO has No. 3 Morse Tapers in head and tailstocks so that heavy-duty centres and fitments can be used.
The spindle thread is M33x3.5.

For safety a special locking device A has been incorporated behind the spindle nose register to prevent faceplates and chucks unscrewing and flying off when the motor is reversed.

The rear side of the spindle is machined to accept a dividing plate, a spiral attachment, a hand wheel or a vacuum device.
A locking mechanism facilitates the easy removal of faceplates and chucks. The headstock is provided with a practical tray.

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