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Technical description Lathe

A robust standard drive motor (1,1 or 1,5 kW) is fitted on a pivoting plate. The choice of any speeds between 50 and 3000 rpm is easily and quickly achieved by means of the frequency inverter. It is a tremendous advantage on big size work to be able to start on a slow speed to bring the piece into balance and then, by turn of the knob, to increase to the optimum speed. It overcomes the irritation of having to stop the lathe and change the belt.  Power supply is standard 230V household. In order to optimise the power transmission the two-step pulley gives a further reduction and ensures maximum efficiency. The lower range is primarily for heavy faceplate work while the higher one is ideal for spindle turning. The speed actually can go down to zero. This is for occasionally use. As an option the motor can be provided with a separate cooling fan for constant use.

The tailstock is easy to slide and turn. The base of the tailstock is broad and therefore very stable, it then tapers to the top to minimise obstruction of tools.
The locking lever can easily be reached from both sides of the machine and locked positively
The hand wheel is made of polished cast iron.
The hand wheel to advance or retract the tailstock barrel is very comfortable in use.
By turning the hand wheel anticlockwise the livecenter or other tools are automatically removed.

The tailstock sleeve is of precision design and has a Morse taper No; 3 This allows the use of stronger live centres and larger drills. It is bored to permit long hole boring with an auger. (12 mm) and travels 100 mm.

The sleeve is equipped with an mm scale

The locking handle can be fitted on both sides.

The tool rest assembly has an easy to move, non-obstructing, quick cam-locking facility. The tool rest positioner can be moved forward, backwards and is also free to swing 360°. The locking of the tool rest is done by a clamping ring which can also be turned 360° allowing for the moving of the rest locking handle to the most convenient position. Nonfric bands that make one hand movement very easy cover the base of the tool rest bracket.
The asymmetric tool rests are very rigid being welded spring steel construction and their face is vertical. (unbreakable). The top of the tool rest is precision ground.
Different tool rests available.

The tool rest assembly can easily be transferred from one side to an other without having to remove the tailstock assembly.

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By: Emil Isacson 2006-2011